Saturday, February 24, 2007

Apple Green

Latest scallop scarf on the go- this one for me because the colour is so juicy.

Caroline and I have just had confirmation that we can have a craft stall a the Cluny Market in April!

Panic - deep breath - get sewing! YAY!


Blue Kangaroo

It is national book week next week and Georgia gets to dress up like a book character on Friday. So I thought... what will be easy (i.e. how to spend no money). I have convinced her to be Lily from a lovely book that we have read since she was a baby: It Was You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chicester Clark. Georgia can wear her normal clothes which are bright and colourful with a big ribbon in her hair. I didn't figure in the kangaroo at first, but here he is in all his handmade wonky felt glory. Lots of fun to make.



My sister sent me bags of buttons that our mother collected over the years. This makes so very happy. I've been saving buttons forever and it is nice to have that little connection with Mama. I'll be very selective about using them, but can't wait to find projects for them.

Thanks, Sonya!

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Musical Banana -and other images from my week

What a couple of weeks. Completely overwhelmed. Stupid old February always bites my butt. No excaping all that I am responsible for and all the deadlines I am behind on. I MUST remember next Christmas to plan something good for February - like a little trip to take by myself.

I did have a little trip this week to a Four Star hotel in Cheshire. Unfortunately it was for work and I didn't have time to wallow in the luxury of it. I got lost getting there in the dark and the sat nav system I was using sent me down a farm track and I ended up driving on someone's lawn and had to apologise. Sums that trip up - the frost was beautiful the next morning though.

There was good news: Caroline and I managed to get some space at a crafts market yesterday. Sold some stuff ( a grey felt handbag that I hand sewed went very quickly!) and it was a good first outing because we'll have another space in April. YAY!

(*The mints just looked good all piled up in the glass - amazingly good photo for me. * Could Georgia's world be more pink? * Crocheted scarves and felted wool handbags * The pink and white thing is a dragon fruit. Beautiful, juicy, expensive, but pretty tasteless.)