Sunday, July 30, 2006

summer fields



Images from our happy weekend

Spent the weekend in the country - playing frisbee and relaxing and visiting the local village summer fete (where we bought a great old Brer Rabbit book). The sign is from the village - I love hand lettered signs and particularly like the way the "o" is thicker than the rest of the carefully painted letters. I only wish I had a big thick magic marker to add a comma after slow as I am sure the kids in that village are as bright as any others!,

I also liked these two sweet little agel faces from a grave stone in St Mungo's church yard - they are about two hundred years old.

Finally the house is just for dreaming about - living in a flat is the pits sometimes.


Friday, July 21, 2006

A Hot Week In July

What I Am:
  1. Sanquine (mostly)
  2. A Speed Reader
  3. A Good Parent
  4. 15 pounds too heavy
  5. A Daydreamer
  6. A Motherless Child

What I Am Not:

  1. Organised ( I use to be - what happened?)
  2. Tanned
  3. Tolerant of Litter
  4. Good at Card Games
  5. A Meat Eater
  6. A Television Watcher

What I Would Like To Be:

  1. Time Rich
  2. Caught Up
  3. In love with Exercise
  4. A Good Singer
  5. Effortlessly Stylish
  6. Prolific

Some recent pictures - In my last post I said I would look for beauty around me on walks near work - the first thing I found was this bottle cap - I was looking for beauty and I found Botticelli's Venus. Fab!

The landscape is of Lathkill Dale in the Peak District - Georgia is getting a piggy back from her gorgeous cousin Katy.

Finally, the cacti are in bloom - so lovely with just a slight blush of pink on the edges of the petals.

Mike and G are at the caravan tonight while I get some gallery work done. Too quiet, so I've stuck on Lucinda Williams' Live at the Filmore album on for some bluesy company. Now back to work.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Double Sparkly Pink

Georgia says that her favourite colour is "double sparkly pink" which sums up this princess dress that she spends 80% of her time in - her alter ego's name is Pink Alice. Dressing up is her favourite activity - I can't remember dressing up as a child except at halloween, but Georgia is obsessed - here she isn't wearing her jewellry - she normally wears about 6 bracelets and has started to to put them on her ankles as well. Mike despairs - he really wants her to be into hiking - but it's a little early for that, though she says that she loves lichens and does point them out on our nature walks. Poor Mike has to put up with so much pink - I even had this chair re-upholstered in pink cordhuroy - it looked so good with the beech coloured wood that I just had to choose it.

I've been thinking about looking for loveliness through the day. I get so bored during my rush hour traffic time, but I have started to look around a bit (as much as it is safe to do!) and might start pointing the camera out the window at things. I'm looking particularly for colour - my over- riding art/life interest . The showroom that I work in is so bare and colourless (luxury car brand standards = visually boring environment in my opinion), but I am determined to start walking around outside and finding things to admire. Results will be posted here!!


Monday, July 10, 2006


A couple of photos from our last weekend in the camper - didn't go this weekend past since we had jobs to do around the house and Wimbledon and World Cup finals to watch. Managed to finish another collage on Sunday, but Mike has the good digital camera with him and he is away for a few days on the south coast for work. I'll post several new works hopefully by the weekend when I can take good photos of them.

We are camping with the whole of Mike's family this weekend, so are praying for dry weather. Georgia is excited about seeing all of her cousins (there will be 18 of us on a campsite in Derbyshire.) I'm looking forward to barbeques and laughter.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Pink City

The latest collage using a letter written from India about 15 years ago by our friend Sam. This one just evolved by my taking the route his words led me down. I'm pleased that there is a sense of place in this work - even though its a place I never visited.

Pink and orange together feels so energetic. I like how the white adds a bit of sparkle too.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mike and Georgia in Wark, Northumberland


The Scent of a Summer Night

It has been a great weekend. Hot and sultry (not a word I can describe the North of England with very often). We spent last night in our caravan (camper) out in the wilds of Northumberland. It was such a perfect evening - warm and sunny. We went for a walk after our supper and I can't remember being happier lately. My sweet family; the three of us having fun in the warmth. One of the best things was being able to walk on the campsite grass barefoot. We live in the city and although there is a brilliant park nearby, I don't go barefoot outdoors much. The feel of the cool grass under my feet made my eyes fill with tears. Its the little things that make magic in life. Georgia enjoyed not wearing shoes too, but she took a bit of persuading.

This collage was made last week, and I really wanted to paint the red oak tree that I spent half of my life looking at and playing under. The tree is gone now, but I can still feel the softness of the moss carpet underneath and see its shape in the summer dusk. The smell of the summer evenings from my North Georgia childhood will stay with me forever.

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