Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Birthday Photo


41 Today

Today is my birthday and I am glad to kiss 40's backside goodbye. Not a great year, but with things looking up - lots to be thankful for: My lovely Cully who couldn't spend the day with me because of work, but who got me a fab new digital camera. My sweet little daughter who went out to lunch with me today and filled my special day with laughter. My creative juices are flowing again - despite no photographic evidence on this blog for a while - will be some soon.

  1. Miss Bunny has a new gillet and scarf designed by Georgia and made by me this afternoon.
  2. Georgia at the Sage on the south bank of the Tyne
  3. The Sage - our lunch venue
  4. Baltic Art Gallery from the Millennium Bridge

I made my birthday cake yesterday with the help of G and her friend Belle. It is Banana cake with chocolate peanut butter frosting. Beyond delicious if I do say so myself. Recipe available if you send me a nice email comment!.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Not much happening this week - Georgia is enjoying school and relishing telling me all about a fight between two boys in the playground and how the Head Teacher had to come to their room.

Had to go to Milton Keynes last week (an incredible 6 hours on the train) for a training course. Lost my mobile phone while there so that was a bummer. Got a replacement sim card today so all is ok except that I really liked the old phone ( or rather I just knew how to use it). I have a thing against reading instruction manuals. Can't see that changing since I haven't actually broken anything through self inflicted ignorance. But on the flip side, I can usually figure things out - like I can download music to my MP3 player. I know they make these things easy to use for lowest common denominator people like me, but heck I'm still pretty proud of myself.

----We're still picking fantastic little sweet/acid cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse. Mike has triumphed again!

Day dreaming about doing some papercut pictures.... and patchworking fabric and more collage. Working both days this weekend so not sure how I'm going to fit any art in...