Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spiraling Back Into Control

What a few weeks! A big worry/stresser has resolved itself. I have had what seems like weeks of anxiety, but the result is that fixing the situation will give me less RESPONSIBILITY and free up some time for more personal creativity. The weight is lifting and I'm happy that there is a good solution for everyone involved, but I will wait a LONG time before volunteering my time for anything again.

Positive energy is beginning to float around ....except that we were suppose to be going to hear the fabulous Stacey Kent tomorrow evening as a 20th wedding anniversary treat, but Ms Kent is ill. I am so disappointed (character flaw: Karen does not deal with disappointment well) Hopefully Stacey will recover quickly and another date announced soon. I have trawled the web for what is on tomorrow night (do not want to cancel the babysitter), but nothing sounds good. Probably will just go out for a meal. Curry maybe - or mexican....


Friday, May 11, 2007

The littlest birds sing the prettiest songs

My mama would have been 68 today. One sweet memory I have is of us hanging out clothes together. Our backyard clothes line was at the edge of the woods. We could almost always hear these particularly loud little birds singing. Mama said that they were Geneva Birds because they sang her name. They sing "geneva geneva geneva" ... "geneva geneva geneva." Cully says they are Carolina Wrens. If you want, you can see and hear these little birds here.

They're still singing, Mama.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last week's country walk

Here are some photos from last weekend's walk near Featherstone castle in Northumberland - our caravan is near there. Off again sometime this weekend - waiting for the gas boiler man to come and do the yearly maintenance and need to do some cooking before setting off.

We met a lovely little spaniel called Satch. His owner commented on Georgia's chatterbox qualities. WE KNOW! Haven't worked out how to get her to be quiet even for a little while without hurting her feelings.

I love bugs - especially the jewelbox variety.

Isn't this the best gate? A storybook gate that you'd think was twee in an illustration, but somehow looks good in person or a photo.

Bluebell woods. Magical. Nature is lushing-up here. I'm glad May is here, but I'm really waiting for June when the English countryside is really breathtakingly beautiful.