Saturday, May 05, 2007

Last week's country walk

Here are some photos from last weekend's walk near Featherstone castle in Northumberland - our caravan is near there. Off again sometime this weekend - waiting for the gas boiler man to come and do the yearly maintenance and need to do some cooking before setting off.

We met a lovely little spaniel called Satch. His owner commented on Georgia's chatterbox qualities. WE KNOW! Haven't worked out how to get her to be quiet even for a little while without hurting her feelings.

I love bugs - especially the jewelbox variety.

Isn't this the best gate? A storybook gate that you'd think was twee in an illustration, but somehow looks good in person or a photo.

Bluebell woods. Magical. Nature is lushing-up here. I'm glad May is here, but I'm really waiting for June when the English countryside is really breathtakingly beautiful.



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