Wednesday, April 04, 2007

New List

Georgia has just taken herself off to bed (at 5pm) so it is quiet and I've had a little time to tidy up and do some ebay surfing. I'm trying to calm down because there are a couple of 70's Parker Knoll chairs up for auction for next to nothing and only 20 miles away. I'll have to do some swift talking with Cully and try to get Caroline to have one on long term loan and then try to win them.

Chairs made me remember that I made a list of things I like and dislike when I was frustrated (i.e. bored) at work the other day:

1. I am obsessed with Chairs - not chairs that you can buy in shops now, but mid-century-ish chairs that are a mix of wood and upholstery.

2. I like spiders. I think they are beautiful. There is a fabulous white spider in Namibia that is called a cartwheel spider because it rolls down sand dunes to escape its predators (lizards).

3. I do not like clowns. No kind of clown. I don't really like dolls much either. Creepy.

4. Something I eat everyday almost without fail: a Banana. I worry about the fungus threatening to wipe them out. Can't imagine life without bananas.

5. My clautrophobia is getting worse as I get older. Sore throats make me claustrophobic - weird.

6. The thing I want more than anything else in the world for myself is MY OWN ROOM.

7. My favourite colour combination is chocolate brown with any colour blue. I like brown with pinks too - but never with red or yellow.

8. I hate wearing black.



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