Saturday, February 24, 2007

Apple Green

Latest scallop scarf on the go- this one for me because the colour is so juicy.

Caroline and I have just had confirmation that we can have a craft stall a the Cluny Market in April!

Panic - deep breath - get sewing! YAY!



Blogger cally said...

Oh funny, I thought that was a big bowl of juicy winter greens when I first saw it. I was all ready to munch it up!

Just emailed you re your totally sweet offer, and left a reply also at my blog. Ha, I'm such a ditz, I didn't associate your name and your blog together. I so often think of people by their blog names rather than their own names. Daft, but then I do have about 250 blogs that I try (and fail) to regularly keep up with).

So, check your email and let me know your address so I can thank you.

Oh, and well done to you and C on getting that craft stall. So many years since I had one but I remember all the thrill, excitement and - wah, blind panic of making. Good luck

1:32 pm  

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