Saturday, December 02, 2006

This little piggie

Georgia drew this to give to one of my friends for her birthday. Thought better of giving a "pig in a bikini" in that birthday parcel. There is a great Geordie saying..."what ya trying to say, like," which would have applied.

Have had a cold and sore throat this week, but carried on with a million things anyway. Went for pizza on Thanksgiving night. Georgia coughed the entire time, so we came home with headaches. Went to see/hear my favorite radio show being recorded on Sunday night. Mike and I went together (no child!). I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is a silly panel game chaired by a terrific man called Humphrey Littleton. He is 85, still records this show and tours with his jazz band (he plays trumpet). And I was delighted to learn is a caligrapher and president of the Italic Handwriting Society. I wasn't aware that there was an Italic Handwriting Society, so I must look that up. Thursday night, my gallery group hosted a ceilidh (barn dance) which was fun, but I was an hour late because it took 2 and a half hours to drive the 8 miles home from work. Apparantly there was an accident on the Tyne Bridge. Today I finished the Christmas shopping after having a hair cut. Tonight we went to the GLOW festival in the Park. The walkways were lit with torches, the mansion there was lit with pink and there was a shadow play in the windows with the story read over loud speakers (love our park and the things our local council provides there.) Tomorrow, Caroline and I are off to check out a crafts market, then Georgia and I are going to have a crafts afternoon. Then back to work on Monday. Life is full, but the Christmas shopping is done- Hooray!!!!!!



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