Saturday, September 16, 2006

Holiday Colour

We recently came home from the most brilliant relaxing and happy holiday. Our wonderful friend TS joined us from the States and we went to the Isle of Arran (off the west coast of southern Scotland). Arran has family history significance for TS and beautiful land/sea scape and quietness qualities that we all fell in love with. Green, purple, blue and grey were the predominate colours with a bit of red sandstone thrown in as an accent. The weather was mixed, but that means Rainbows! Oh - the yellow thing is a lichen, Mike's crazy about lichens. And the purple door is actually on a house near Durham Cathedral back in England.


  • Purple heather like throw rugs on green hills
  • Hydrangeas in practically every garden
  • Looking out over water
  • Beach combing at Drumadoon with Georgia in the warm sunshine
  • Crocheting stripes (blue, purple and green)
  • Sweet friendship
  • Too much cheese (or can you eat too much cheese?)
  • Spicy beanburgers and chips

Things that made us laugh

  • from an article in the Guardian - "Whoever said sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me was a fathead."
  • Headline in the Arran Banner: "Local Teenagers Destraught Over Driving Test Cancellations". Proved to us just how sleepy and sweet life must be there.
  • TS's idea that there should be a website for all those people (like me) who ended up in the wrong major at university. I'll have to work up the content of the site in my copious free time.


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