Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Scent of a Summer Night

It has been a great weekend. Hot and sultry (not a word I can describe the North of England with very often). We spent last night in our caravan (camper) out in the wilds of Northumberland. It was such a perfect evening - warm and sunny. We went for a walk after our supper and I can't remember being happier lately. My sweet family; the three of us having fun in the warmth. One of the best things was being able to walk on the campsite grass barefoot. We live in the city and although there is a brilliant park nearby, I don't go barefoot outdoors much. The feel of the cool grass under my feet made my eyes fill with tears. Its the little things that make magic in life. Georgia enjoyed not wearing shoes too, but she took a bit of persuading.

This collage was made last week, and I really wanted to paint the red oak tree that I spent half of my life looking at and playing under. The tree is gone now, but I can still feel the softness of the moss carpet underneath and see its shape in the summer dusk. The smell of the summer evenings from my North Georgia childhood will stay with me forever.

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