Friday, July 21, 2006

A Hot Week In July

What I Am:
  1. Sanquine (mostly)
  2. A Speed Reader
  3. A Good Parent
  4. 15 pounds too heavy
  5. A Daydreamer
  6. A Motherless Child

What I Am Not:

  1. Organised ( I use to be - what happened?)
  2. Tanned
  3. Tolerant of Litter
  4. Good at Card Games
  5. A Meat Eater
  6. A Television Watcher

What I Would Like To Be:

  1. Time Rich
  2. Caught Up
  3. In love with Exercise
  4. A Good Singer
  5. Effortlessly Stylish
  6. Prolific

Some recent pictures - In my last post I said I would look for beauty around me on walks near work - the first thing I found was this bottle cap - I was looking for beauty and I found Botticelli's Venus. Fab!

The landscape is of Lathkill Dale in the Peak District - Georgia is getting a piggy back from her gorgeous cousin Katy.

Finally, the cacti are in bloom - so lovely with just a slight blush of pink on the edges of the petals.

Mike and G are at the caravan tonight while I get some gallery work done. Too quiet, so I've stuck on Lucinda Williams' Live at the Filmore album on for some bluesy company. Now back to work.



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