Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Double Sparkly Pink

Georgia says that her favourite colour is "double sparkly pink" which sums up this princess dress that she spends 80% of her time in - her alter ego's name is Pink Alice. Dressing up is her favourite activity - I can't remember dressing up as a child except at halloween, but Georgia is obsessed - here she isn't wearing her jewellry - she normally wears about 6 bracelets and has started to to put them on her ankles as well. Mike despairs - he really wants her to be into hiking - but it's a little early for that, though she says that she loves lichens and does point them out on our nature walks. Poor Mike has to put up with so much pink - I even had this chair re-upholstered in pink cordhuroy - it looked so good with the beech coloured wood that I just had to choose it.

I've been thinking about looking for loveliness through the day. I get so bored during my rush hour traffic time, but I have started to look around a bit (as much as it is safe to do!) and might start pointing the camera out the window at things. I'm looking particularly for colour - my over- riding art/life interest . The showroom that I work in is so bare and colourless (luxury car brand standards = visually boring environment in my opinion), but I am determined to start walking around outside and finding things to admire. Results will be posted here!!



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