Monday, February 12, 2007

Musical Banana -and other images from my week

What a couple of weeks. Completely overwhelmed. Stupid old February always bites my butt. No excaping all that I am responsible for and all the deadlines I am behind on. I MUST remember next Christmas to plan something good for February - like a little trip to take by myself.

I did have a little trip this week to a Four Star hotel in Cheshire. Unfortunately it was for work and I didn't have time to wallow in the luxury of it. I got lost getting there in the dark and the sat nav system I was using sent me down a farm track and I ended up driving on someone's lawn and had to apologise. Sums that trip up - the frost was beautiful the next morning though.

There was good news: Caroline and I managed to get some space at a crafts market yesterday. Sold some stuff ( a grey felt handbag that I hand sewed went very quickly!) and it was a good first outing because we'll have another space in April. YAY!

(*The mints just looked good all piled up in the glass - amazingly good photo for me. * Could Georgia's world be more pink? * Crocheted scarves and felted wool handbags * The pink and white thing is a dragon fruit. Beautiful, juicy, expensive, but pretty tasteless.)



Blogger cally said...

Great to see dragon friut. I always feel it should taste of mango, or passion fruit - at least something semi-exotic.

It's taken me days to get onto a computer with broadband so I could see your blog and say 'hi' and thanks for commenting over at mine.

Your 3 pots look gorgeous against that pale blue wall. ANd I must say, I quite fancy delving into granny's scrap fabric bag, so blue and shimmery, my granny's one is full of brown, tough, musty things.

4:56 pm  

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