Monday, December 11, 2006

Good day

Had a lovely day today - wasn't at work because it was Georgia's school play. She was a singing pink fairy light. She kept waving at me which was lovely. Submitted my tax return online. Phew. Only took a little while, but I don't really "do" numbers and I get all stressed about it. Cully was off today too, so it was nice to spend some time just hanging out with him. Got the mail off to America this afternoon - though it might be to late for pre Christmas delivery. Hopefully not. Lena (above) is on a diet and it is working slowly. She was 16 in November and still as shy as she was as a kitten. She is a sweet little presence in this home - we all love her dearly. If I can ever get a good photo, I'll post an image of the peg ballerinas that Georgia and I made last week. Finally, have enjoyed wearing a new denim skirt from Monsoon that Cully bought me. It is aline and swing-y and comfortable and will go with everything - just perfect.

Apologies for the mixed up post, but Christmas preparation makes my head spin and this is a good representation of how I have to keep changing "subjects" during my day.

Praying for my sweet Aunt Mary Jane's speedy recovery from a heart attack. Love to you MJ.



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