Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blue Kangaroo

It is national book week next week and Georgia gets to dress up like a book character on Friday. So I thought... what will be easy (i.e. how to spend no money). I have convinced her to be Lily from a lovely book that we have read since she was a baby: It Was You, Blue Kangaroo by Emma Chicester Clark. Georgia can wear her normal clothes which are bright and colourful with a big ribbon in her hair. I didn't figure in the kangaroo at first, but here he is in all his handmade wonky felt glory. Lots of fun to make.



Anonymous Kirsty Ramshaw said...

I love blue kangaroo and want one too! Or of course, if you can make a Batfink that would be cool (as in 'Your bullets cannot harm me, my wings are like a shield of steel'). Just discovered Batfink is back on on kids tv on a Sunday morning. Early morning ironing has taken on a new meaning.

9:25 am  

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