Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Colour, Colour, Colour

Lots of colour in our house at the moment. Especially since I started the crocheted blanket. I was going to do a ripple one like everyone else seems to be doing - see: . So I bought a great book called Ripple Stitch Patterns by Jan Eaton which shows patterns for knitting and crocheting ripples. But, true to form, I decided not to ripple - I just really like a straight line. I'm loving putting the colours together and changing after 4 rows. I am also using merino, cashmere, and silk blend wool which feels so lovely (should I mention again that I hate acrylic yarn? It squeaks and makes me feel weird like nails down a blackboard.) Crochet is my number one stress buster and always makes me think of my cousin Sharon who's work is of the highest quality.

The pom poms and beads are garlands Georgia and I made for her birthday party. We'll be able to use them every year. Very bright and pretty.

Can you tell which are the real daffodils and which are the ones we made in the birthday present photo?

The bracelet was my mother's day present. I've always wanted one of these, and could have made one myself, but I'm glad I waited for one that was made with LOVE from my very own five year old.

The sunset was the other evening at the end of our street.

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Anonymous Kirsty Ramshaw said...

Surely that sunset isn't good old Bensham??? To thought you'd moved to Northumberland!!!

9:20 am  

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