Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holiday images

These are my favorite images from Christmas - the fruit and veg shop in Ilfracombe, my favorite present - the three little pots,and the Genie of the Lamp courtesy of Granny's scrap fabric bag.

It was a good break - seems long ago, but Mike and I were tired and weary and needed some time to do absolutely nothing. His Mum and Dad provided that opportunity by being so hospitable as always. Feels like home at their house which is a comfort to me.

I have no New Year resolutions other than to try to remember to take carrier bags to the grocery store instead of getting new ones each time. A little thing, but I think resolutions should be angst free really. Who wants to start the new year with yet more rules and stuff to worry about. Life is tough enough.

What to report this week? Mike's car was stolen and damaged, so we will have to search for a small and cheap replacement for him to drive to work in. He has had a hard week because of that - Georgia and I have had to drive to pick him up from work each night which has put another hour on to our day. I have done tons of little admin things - tax, bank account etc. No fun, but I've ticked them all off except my passport which must be renewed this week.

Finally, I have been given a prescription for reading glasses (age related deterioration, bummer) so that will be a new thing. Took a while to find a couple of pairs that didn't make me look like old mother hubbard. And we are fighting the battle of the bug - head lice again. UUUGGGHHH.

Creative endeavors: Lots in my head, lots of crochet which is very relaxing. Finished two felted handbags at Christmas, will try to photograph them this week, if the sun ever shines. I'm also going to try to make a drawing to submit to the Draw Your Soul project run locally, but is an international project.