Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Heart Ireland

Father Ted Lives Here

Bronze Age Tomb on the Burren

Back at the end of May we flew to Dublin and then drove west to County Clare. It was my (and Georgia's) first visit to Ireland and we were so lucky to be spending it with the "serious plant squad." These folks are a group of Botanists that Mike knows through his network at work - and what a great bunch - friendly, funny, understanding of the non-botanists and tolerant of a very chatty and happy child. The long weekend was a mixture of eating and drinking and nature walks. Georgia amazed everyone by cheerfully walking MILES over the limestone pavements of the Burren. She even won a chocolate cake prize for being the best walker. The weather was kind - slight sunburns for all - if a little chilly on the tops of the hills. Galway was the closest city and we took a day out of hill walking for day roaming about the town. The Irish really love their colour - Galway has such a lovely atmosphere, but with the exchange rate into Euro from the Pound, everything was VERY expensive. We could have gone to Greece for a fortnight with what we spent for 5 days in Ireland. But...can't wait to go back.

Fairy Ring with Fairy Princess.

It was a long way up.

But Fanore beach was warm and inviting we we came down.



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