Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pick of the Week (and another holiday collage)

Its been a week. Sure has. Lots of things done all while nursing a terrible headache (gave up on pain killers on Thursday since my tummy was starting to feel weird). Seem to be ok now - was probably fighting some bug. Besides the usual telephone and spreadsheet situation at work, here is a sample of some of the other stuff that went on:

Had a two hour meeting that may just get the ball rolling on something very important.

Had lunch with a former colleague. I had forgotten what a lovely man he is. His charm and complimentary encouragement gave my esteem a big lift.

Went to a play at the Live Theatre in Newcastle with Caroline. The Pitman Painters was written around a true story about miners who took art appreciation classes in the 1930s. They decided to create art in order to understand the meaning of art. This play explored their terrible working conditions/poverty and the way art enriched and lifted their lives. It was very funny - not at all trite - but with very serious ideas being presented. "Art is about You" said one of the characters. I just loved it.

Got these earings in the post - you can see more at maryandjane's etsy shop here. They are very swing-y and fab!

Got this wonderful book in the post too. It is by the artist Rob Ryan. The combination of his paper cut designs and the seemingly simple sentiments he expresses makes my heart flip. Look here for his book, and here for Rob's blog

Helped to rescue a cockatil -someone's pet that was trying to escape from the dive bombing magpies and crows. It banged into a lamp post and fell to the ground. Super Clair and I went to find it and scooped it up into a box. Clair nursed it, Sarah took it to the vet. Sharon got an update. It survived and is with a bird sanctuary lady until its owner is found. Result for all the blondies at work - and of course the bird!

Georgia's homework is a breeze for her. Her reading is really coming together. How exciting to be five and have this magical power begin to happen.

Finally, a GORGEOUS customer winked at me on Thursday. WooHoo.

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