Sunday, September 30, 2007

Another collage

Had a great day today - took Georgia to a beach in County Durham. The glass industry in Sunderland use to dump glass waste out at sea years ago and now the beach at Seaham has lots of glass pebbles. We collected a jar full - Georgia found the biggest nugget of blue - I found a few little pieces of yellow - but most are clear and green.

We lunched in the supermarket cafe (to G's delight) and then went shopping for slippers and jeans.

The sculpted head is from St James church in Hatfield. We visited in June for a very special memorial service for Cully's Aunty Margaret. She was a stylish lover of jazz, so Uncle David arranged for a jazz band to play in the churchyard while friends and relatives remembered her in the sweetest atmosphere on one of the few sunny days of the summer.



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