Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Oh My Goodness Cafe

Today local council workers were on strike which meant that Georgia's school was closed. So I took a holiday and we spent the day planning a surprise for Cully for when he came home from work. The last item on our what to do without spending money list (the post just before this one) really grabbed Georgia's imagination since cafes figure top of her list of places to go. Cafe was one of the first words she recognised! So we planned what we were offering - she made the menu and I baked the scones. We did spend money, however, on strawberries, jam and cream. Georgia had a lot of fun practising how to be a waitress (although she nearly drove me crazy with impatience for her daddy to come home) and I enjoyed baking what turned out to be fabulous fruit scones (I've never made fruit ones before, I used sultanas, apricots, dates and raisins). Cully was impressed that I remembered to buy clotted cream. The bill came to £2 which was a bargain for such a posh cream tea.

We also read Tim the Tiny Horse by Harry Hill. Georgia got the belly giggles with that one!

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Anonymous Kirsty said...

Hey, we want to come to Oh My Goodness Cafe. Looks fab!

If you're off next week, I'm off Tues to Thurs if you want to get together. Love Kirsty

9:19 pm  

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